Fidato Partners provides proven and trusted consulting and recruiting services, enabling companies to achieve greater growth and performance by filling critical resource and knowledge gaps.

We have a unique combination of expertise where accounting & finance, risk & transformation, information technology and recruiting intersect.

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Accounting & Finance
We simplify complex accounting and reporting challenges, while driving operational efficiencies in your organization. Learn More
Risk & Transformation
We help organizations identify and mitigate business risks that have the potential to threaten future growth. Learn More
Information Technology
We drive process efficiencies, improve insights and turn data into value. Learn More
Recruiting & Search
We provide access to
the most talented professionals in the
Mid-Atlantic Region. Learn More
Client Satisfaction
We have a resolute commitment to excellence.
Community Engagement
We are dedicated to creating innovative, positive changes within our community.
We are a people-oriented business with a goal to retain all high performing employees.
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Fidato Partners’ clients operate in a broad range of industries. From emerging growth to global organizations, we are dedicated to providing exceptional service to our clients.